Welcome to the NWACTS website

From Cheshire to Cumbria NWACTS members work hard to make the places where we live, work and visit more accessible, beautiful and stronger together for the benefit of all.

 NWACTS is the independent association of local civic trusts and societies based in the North West of England.  It represents NWACTS members at Civic Voice (our National umbrella organisation) activities both regionally and national and creates a programme of activities for members.   Membership entitles members of participating societies to network with one another at events held during the year, to learn about new initiatives and share best practice.  The events often combine workshops with a visit to a property or area of interest. 

NWACTS currently is focusing on three main themes of interest, Transport, Education and Buildings at Risk.

There will be no membership fee for 2021 for any organisation wishing to join.  See our Membership page for details.